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beastie land comic

The comic adventures of adorably ugly creatures, together with your very own stuffed-animal version of the beasts themselves. A perfect hand-made gift.

My dear old art college studio-mate put together this great site where you can buy your very own original Beasties. Jan creates and conceived of  them in college and now, Beastieland is alive and thriving. You have to check out these fabulous stuffed creatures and the comics that go with them. Brilliant!





Finally I’m done! Remind me never to promise that I’m going to do some sort of guide or compilation again. It took ages. We’re two nights in to Hanukkah and X’mas is ’round the corner. Hope you delight in the items I’ve chosen. Enjoy them for yourself or as a gift for a loved one….or at the very least as eye candy! Tell me what you think.

Here’s where you can get the goods:
1. ipod cozy: Stitchella’s shop on Etsy
2. stuffed squirrel doll: (where else but) Shiny Squirrel shop
3. Hetty Rose handmade shoes
4. Kate Spade clock
5. LED clock via Mookie Gifts
6. Casio Watch via Le Poste blog
7. Puma watch via Amazon
8. Jack Spade bag
9. Lodis Men’s wallet
10. Jack Gomme tote
11. Lodis hinge opera wallet via Amazon
12. Atwood tool handmade
13. Refurbished rotary phone:
14. Glowing bath lights:
15. Sunjar:
16. Handjob typography book: Uppercase Gallery/books
17. Erica Weiner’s ginkgo necklace: Chocosho
18. Philip Crangi ring: Erie Basin
19. Love & Eight heathered lips t-shirt: Revolve Clothing
20. Giant jellyfish attacking t-shirt: Poketo


Megan Whitemarsh embroidery + a reminder of Takashi Iwasaki and my little sewings

Megan Whitemarsh embroidery

I recently discovered THE COVETED an inspirational, fun, and stylish blog. Maybe I should be more methodical in my blog collecting because I can’t remember where. Nonetheless, this one is a keeper. It’s definitely one of my new daily reads. Jennine posted some fun and beautiful embroidery by Megan Whitemarsh that caught my eye and my desire, reminding me of my post on Takashi Iwasaki where I threw in my own little abstract fabric sewing collages that were also posted on Craftzine. I think I need to buy one from each of them. I can’t wait to get an apt. in Brooklyn where I might have enough wall space to feature my new Fifi print and some embroidery illustrations by Megan and Takashi. If you want to be in the know, check out THE COVETED.

Tues. I’ll post some illustrations of mine that just got published at an online magazine as well as my drawing a day (Drawmo!) drawings from December 1st-now.


DIY crafty sculpture/cake topper

Cake Topper

Maybe craft and art are one in the same? here’s a good essay exploring the age old debate.

Last June I decided to make my own cupcake tree topper for my wedding. It was fairly simple to make and quite fun (my mom made all the cupcakes).

I don’t think it needs to be relegated to the top of a cake, though that’s not a bad place to be. It could be used decoratively in a kid’s room or on a mantle or shelf perhaps?

All you need are:
pom poms (for the birdies), lace and other fabric scraps (to cloth the birdies), beads (eyes), twine, string (to wrap around the bowl to make a nest), plastic bowl (for the nest), tissue paper (for flower buds), hot glue (careful), sticks from nature (preferably ones that have fallen off trees. Be green.)

WARNING: people look at you funny when you take the sticks on the subway.

Since I’m in a grandma mood this week here’s my Nana Sally’s wedding photo, she looks like a porcelain doll.