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My little fabric sewing collages and Takashi Iwasaki’s fabulous embroidered illustration

my crafty little sewing project
fabric-collage sewing

Takashi Iwasaki found on nebo peklo blog via studiorama blog
Takeshi Iwasaki

I had fun turning little fabric scraps into something. Making these canvases was like painting abstractly, only instead of pigment I used burlap, ribbon, textiles, toile, felt, origami paper and string and sewed it all onto 4X4 inch canvases that are 3 inches deep.

I made 5 of them. I am not so into even numbers or symmetry for that matter.
We have them up on our wall above our desks.

On nebo peklo (one of my favorite blogs out there) I fell in love with Takashi Iwasaki‘s embroidery. She found him on studiorama (a new blog to add to my list of favorites! I have to mention that it’s in Spanish which I don’t speak…but it’s so visually rich I can just absorb the content that way).


Man Bands


The Autumn chill is near. When your veins are vaso-constricted and you are fumbling for your keys languorously, look for a solution.

Here it is men, wristbands! Remember the ones from the 70’s? They were terry cloth (passé unless you are a juicy suit wearer).

These knit ones are cool, different, and they serve a function. I feel that most men’s clothing should be functional.

So men follow the Bauhaus rule “form follows function� and look fresh while keeping warm when the days get chilly.

1.Skull bands

2.Beaded bands


Interview with Journal Maker: Tyler Bender

I was so thrilled about Tyler Bender’s recycled book journals that I posted about him and about my recycled sketchbook. Tyler was kind enough to let me do a follow up with a wonderful interview. I was a big fan his journals before but after finding out more about him am even more obsessed with his work. Here’s the interview:

What gave you the idea to make these splendid journals?
As a teenager I found a 1920’s book entitled “a dictionary for boys and girls”. I was so mesmerized by its design I wanted an excuse to hold it and use it everyday, so I found a way to incorporate it into my life. It was like being in touch with another time.

Where do you get the old books?
Schools, libraries, thrift stores, friends. Customers also have the option of providing their own book for re-purposing.

Where do you get the paper that fills them?
Everywhere: Craigslist, friends, sometimes office supply stores, and as much as I can use from the books themselves. Continue Reading →




We got a lovely journal as a wedding gift from Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing. My husband edited his new book, Rule the Web.

Tyler Bender creates these fabulous journals from old books and assorted papers. The man’s extremely talented, and he has an Etsy shop: perfect.

I use an old book for a sketch book too, but I don’t have fancy pages, just the words of the book.

samantha hahn's sketchbook