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Creature Comforts Blog and Wren Eleven Online Shop

Creature Comforts

This blogging thing is working out splendidly. I love making new art friends. I’m an avid reader-looker of Creature Comforts Blog and I love perusing the fabulous online shop Wren Eleven adjoining it.

On August 24th, Creature Comforts posted about a painting I did called “Cake Bride.”


Here are some more paintings from that series.

It would be in your best interest to subscribe to Creature Comforts ASAP and buy all your friends gifts from there and maybe some for yourself. I’m partial to the fabric-covered magnets and I love that silhouette journal too.


3…2…1…Blast off!

launch.jpgHi! Welcome to Maquette. I’m so excited to be launching. A little bit about this blog: It’s a visual inspiration board where I’ll post on design, fashion, and art. Basically a collection of visual references that I find inspiring. I’m an artist, so I’ll also share my own work at varying stages of completion.

A maquette is a small model of a finished work. It’s used to visualize and test shapes and ideas without the cost or effort of producing a full-scale product. The analogue would be a painter’s sketch or a design prototype of any kind. A maquette is built to convey “the immediacy of the artist’s first realization of an idea” (full definition), and the same might be said about this blog.